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Blackboard Connect Opt-In

Blackboard Connect® communication has been selected to deliver time-sensitive notifications to students and staff. This service will provide campus leaders and security professionals the ability to reach students and staff members with information and updates during unforeseen events or emergencies, within minutes, through phone calls, e-mails and/or text messages.

Blackboard Connect will allow us to keep students and staff informed whether they are in their dorms, sitting in front of their computers, or on their way to class.

Notifying students immediately is crucial in time-sensitive situations, such as a severe storm or campus closure. It is important for students to enter their contact information into the Blackboard Connect database. The more means we have to contact individuals, the better our odds are of spreading timely information and updates and keeping everyone safe.

Contact information included in the Blackboard Connect service will only be used for campus notifications and will not be made available to any other service.

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