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Athletic Participation Paperwork

In order to participate in SGSC sponsored athletics, each student-athlete must have a valid physical on file, show proof of health insurance and have completed all necessary paperwork.  So that a student-athlete doesn't’t miss any team activities, it is strongly advised that each student-athlete obtain their physical and complete their paperwork before arriving on campus.  Once on campus, they can turn in all required documents in order to be cleared for athletic participation.

SGSC carries a secondary athletic insurance policy that covers injuries that occur while participating in or traveling to/from SGSC sponsored team practices/games.  SGSC’s secondary policy covers any remaining amounts after an athlete’s primary insurance plan has paid it’s portion.
It’s a requirement that each student-athlete have a valid, in-force health insurance policy as the primary insurance.  For any questions or issues, please contact Martha Morgan in the Athletic Department at (912) 260-4217 or email at:


Packet includes:

Consent, Assumption of Rish, Indemnity, Release of Rights Agreement

Medical History Questionnaire

Consent for Treatment Form

HIPPA Release Form

Student Athlete Insurance Travel Form

Insurance Coverage Explanation Form

Drug Policy Form

Drug Screening and Substance Abuse Testing Consent to Participate

Athletic Evaluation Form

Student-Athlete Conduct Attestation Form

Campus Sexual Violence Institutional Disclosure Form