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School of Arts and Sciences: Associate of Arts and Science Degrees

Academic Transfer Pathways

The School of Arts and Sciences encourages you to think critically, comprehensively, and creatively. You’re also encouraged to act with cultural, social, and aesthetic awareness, and to communicate effectively in a free and open exchange of ideas.  We promote scholarly, artistic, and creative activities both inside and outside the classroom that support expansion of knowledge and experiences that enrich lives.

As you visit our site, please look over the variety of pathways we offer in the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees. You will find the School of Arts and Sciences is diverse, and at its core embodies traditional knowledge that is widely accepted as critical to higher education.

Our distinguished faculty and staff are committed to providing experiences and opportunities for learning that will lead you to knowledge, success and a higher quality of life.  It is a pleasure to serve and join you on this journey of learning.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Charles W. Johnson, Dean
School of Arts and Sciences
South Georgia State College
100 West College Park Dr.
Douglas, GA 31535

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