B.A. in Professional, Business and Technical Writing

Bachelor of Arts in Professional, Business, & Technical Writing (PBT)

The B.A. in Professional, Business, and Technical Writing is interdisciplinary, including professional, business, and technical writing, English, and marketing courses to prepare students for careers in business, industry, government, various types of media, education, healthcare, fundraising, public relations, marketing, hospitality, advertising, legal professions, non-profits, as well as document design, production, and management.

The program offers instruction in theories of rhetoric and composition, business and technical writing, digital literacy, multimedia composition, documentation development, interpersonal communication, legal issues, research, consumer behavior, production of grants and proposals, public relations, diversity and multiculturalism, and editing. Graduates of this program will have the skills to think and interpret analytically and critically and produce effective written and oral communication, as well as design, produce, and manage diverse information formats, as well as within a variety of media.


Dr. Joseph Holloway

For more information about the BS in Professional, Business, and Technical Writing contact:

Dr. Joseph Holloway
Chair, BSM, PBT, & PSL
Assistant Professor of Management
South Georgia State College
Davis Hall
100 West College Park Drive
Douglas, GA 31533