Staff Council


We, the staff of South Georgia State College, find it to be both desirable and beneficial to draw together into a unified body in order to serve a common goal, address concerns with our peers, and communicate together with a single, strong voice. To that end we declare ourselves to be the Staff Council of South Georgia State College.


Our constitution and bylaws can be viewed here. 


The purpose of the Staff Council of South Georgia State College is as follows:

1. Provide a sounding board whereby mutual concerns may be identified and presented to the Cabinet effectively
2. Secure greater staff participation in the decision-making process of the college
3. Recognize and encourage excellence of performance among staff members
4. Pursue fair and impartial treatment of all staff, regardless of position, including equitable work conditions and standards
5. Support and enhance the overall mission of the college


Chair:                                    Yolanda Crosby

Vice Chair:                           Jamica Coates

Secretary:                            Wendy Bullock

Treasurer:                           Catessa Coates

Parliamentarian:               Rhonda Blount


Get Involved! 

Currently, all SGSC Staff Council Meetings will be taking place virtually through Microsoft Teams. 

Staff Council holds quarterly meetings that are open to all  staff members. We encourage attendance and participation from all areas of SGSC. Staff Council has monthly meetings with the executive group. Positions are available to be an Executive Staff Council member. If you are interested, please email staffcouncil@sgsc.edu.

The Staff Council Secretary is responsible for posting minutes from both the quarterly all-staff meetings and the monthly executive staff council meetings. 

Current and previous events can be found by clicking the events tab.



SGSC Staff Council holds many fundraising events throughout the year to provide support for future staff development opportunities, and to the Staff Book Scholarship. Fundraising events also allow Staff Council to make charitable donations to those in need within our community. For information on Staff Council Fundraising events, click here


Staff Council is proud to announce that employees are now able to support Staff Council through employee payroll deduction. Interested employees may select for their contribution to go towards future staff development opportunities or the SGSC Staff Book Scholarship. The SGSC Foundation Employee Payroll Deduction Form is available here


If you have any ideas for future fundraising events or know of an organization that would benefit from support of the SGSC Staff Council, please send an email to staffcouncil@sgsc.edu. We welcome any and all ideas!

SGSC Staff Council is giving back by providing staff members who are currently furthering their education with the opportunity to apply for a book scholarship. The Staff Council Book Scholarship will be awarded depending on fund availability, and is not available for dependents, spouses, retired staff or employees on unpaid leave. Applicants must be TAP eligible, but do not have to be using TAP benefits to apply. The recipient(s) of the scholarship are chosen by the Staff Council Book Scholarship Selection Committee. All identifying information will be redacted from the application and accompanying essay prior to review by the selection committee. To view what information will be redacted on the application, click here. The selection committee will use the below rubric to identify each semester's book scholarship recipient. 

Email us here: staffcouncil@sgsc.edu




Completed applications and essays should be sent to staffcouncilbookscholarship@sgsc.edu for redaction and submission to the selection committee. 

If you have any questions about the SGSC Staff Council Book Scholarship, or would like to donate to the Book Scholarship fund, please reach out to us at staffcouncil@sgsc.edu



SPRING 2021 SGSC Staff Council Book Scholarship Recipient


                                LaKeshia Williams

   Academic Advisor for School of Arts and Professional Studies




The Georgia Association for Women in Higher Education (GAWHE) is pleased to sponsor a scholarship honoring Dr. M. Louise McBee and her many accomplishments in higher education.  

The Louise McBee Scholarship is offered annually to support educational enrichment for women exhibiting leadership potential in a higher education field.  Recipients are awarded $1,000 for continuing education, graduate degree, or professional development related to higher education or educational policy.  Each recipient’s mentor receives $500 for professional development. Applications are due January 15, 2021.  Eligibility requirements and the application process may be found on GAWHE’s website at: http://www.gawhe.org/

The successful candidate must:

  1. Be a female resident of Georgia (defined as being eligible to vote in Georgia or eligible to pay in-state tuition).
  2. Be either:
    • Currently enrolled in a public or private institution of higher learning in the state of Georgia and actively pursuing a master’s, specialist or doctorate degree related to higher education or educational policy. The institution may be a two-year or four-year, public or private college, university, or technical institute. 
    • Currently employed in a public or private institution of higher learning in the state of Georgia in an administrative or teaching capacity and actively seeking professional development opportunities related to higher education or educational policy. The institution may be a two-year or four-year, public or private college, university, or technical institute. 


The Louise McBee Scholarship will be awarded at the GAWHE Annual Conference which will take place virtually, February 24-26, 2021. Conference registration is now open! 

For more information, please contact Be-Atrice Cunningham at BEATRICE@UGA.EDU