Life at SGSC


Audition Information

Rules - 

  • Arrive early (at least 15 minutes) 
  • Dress for the audition -- in a professional manner that will allow for movement
  • Bring your class and work schedule to the audition. Rehearsals are scheduled during the week based on availability, however on Friday and Saturday everyone in the cast is required to attend rehearsal on those days. They are called: All Call
  • Print your contact information legibly on your audition form. This will ensure we are able to contact you for casting purposes.
  •  Please prepare two contrasting monologues no longer than 2 minutes in length.
  • If you do not have prepared monologues in your repertoire -- you may work from a cold read. Sides (short scenes) will be provided from the script.

Have fun!

Upcoming Auditions 

None at this time.