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SGSC Foundation Scholarship Application

SGSC Foundation Scholarship Application

Guidelines for Receiving a SGSC Foundation Scholarship

Thank you for your interest in the South Georgia State College Foundation Scholarship program. The information you provide in the application below will be compared with the criteria of any available scholarships for which you may qualify.

We will automatically consider you for all general interest scholarships, so you will only need to fill out one scholarship application.

    1. Even if you are HOPE eligible or qualify for other financial aid, you are still eligible to apply for an SGSC Foundation scholarship.  You must, however, complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

    2. In additon to the individual criteria of any scholarship the following will be used to determine final selection of recipient:

  • Financial need
  • Other outside funding or awards being received
  • Final admission acceptance by the institution

    3. Finally, please submit your application before the deadline for the term for which you are applying.  You may mail, email or deliver to our offices in Richey Hall on the Douglas Campus.

Questions or Comments?

Get in touch with us at:
Office of Institutional Advancement
South Georgia State College
100 West College Park Drive
Douglas, GA 31533

NOTE: Only one application is required to allow you to be considered for all Foundation Scholarships.  Information obtained below will assist in the selection of scholarships with specific criteria.  All SGSC Foundation scholarships require a written statement about your future goals and how scholarship funding will assist you with your educational goals.

Please fill out the form below. Required fields are indicated with a * symbol. Thank you.

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Participant Data (Optional) - The following self-reported information is being collected to monitor program participation and for the preparation of certain demographic reports.

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