Adult Learners

Adult Learner

Definition:  An applicant who graduated (or should have) graduated high school more than five years ago.  

Nervous about going back to school? Don't be! At SGSC, we want to help you reach your career goals. We will be here to help you each step of the way.


Requirements for admission decision:

  • Admissions Application with a one-time $20 application fee
  • Official high school transcript (GA residents, click here) or GED scores
  • Official college transcripts from any and all colleges attended (if applicable)

Documents required to complete file and eliminate holds being placed on your record:

  • Immunization record completed by a health care professional
  • Lawful Presence document

Once all documents required for an admissions decision have been received, please allow 5-7 business days for processing.

NOTE:  For placement purposes and to exempt learning support classes, you may opt to submit official SAT or ACT scores or take the ACCUPLACER exam. Below are the minimum required scores to exempt learning support and be placed directly into college level courses:

New SAT scores:
o    480 Evidence-Based Reading & Writing for all majors
o    440 Math Section for Non-STEM Majors (510 for STEM Majors)

Old SAT scores:
o    430 English for all majors 
o    400 Math for Non-STEM (470 for STEM Majors)

ACT scores:
o    17 English or Reading for all majors
o    17 Math for Non-STEM (20 for STEM Majors)