A.A. Focus Areas

Focus Areas 

General Studies has transitioned into Focus Areas. Academic Focus Areas are categories into which AA and AS academic pathways are grouped. Students who may be undecided in a specific academic pathway should consider starting in one of the Focus Area pathways. Focus Area pathways enable students who are undecided in their future studies and/or career goals to start in a pathway relative to their interests that can lead to a viable degree program. Courses taken in the Focus Area pathways are designed to assist students in making choices best suited to their interests and skills. Thus, as students progress in focus area pathways, they should be able to transition into appropriate academic pathways designed for transfer or degree attainment. Those that select a Focus Area are encouraged to choose a pathway by the time they have completed 30 hours of coursework. 


The following Focus Areas are designed for students to transition into an Associate of Arts (AA) pathway:

Arts Focus Area Pathway Map

Humanities Focus Area Pathway Map

Social Sciences Focus Area Pathway Map



Students who have previously declared General Studies as their pathway, please click here and see your Advisor. To schedule an appointment with your Advisor, click here