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South Georgia State College Theatre Productions presents Doubt, A Parable by Award-Winning Playwright John Patrick Shanley

Posted on Nov 09, 2023

SGSC Theatre Productions is thrilled to announce its upcoming production of "Doubt, a Parable" by John Patrick Shanley, featuring an exceptional cast of students and the esteemed New York artist, Mallory Wintz, in the role of Sister James. This thought-provoking play will be brought to life on stage with the incredible talent of Lynnzy Wooten as Sister Aloysius, who previously wowed audiences in SGSC Theatre Productions' "Speech and Debate" as Diwata. Joining them are the immensely talented Ariel Bryant as Mrs. Muller, John Sellers as Father Flynn, and Keller Phillips as the understudy for Father Flynn.

"Doubt, a Parable" is a gripping drama that explores themes of faith, uncertainty, and the power dynamics within a Catholic school in the 1960s. Set against the backdrop of a changing society, the play delves into the moral complexities faced by Sister Aloysius as she confronts Father Flynn about his suspicious relationship with a young student. Audiences will be captivated by the intense performances and thought-provoking dialogue that challenges their own beliefs and perceptions.

The creative team behind this production is equally exceptional. Joseph Rollins, a seasoned professional in the field, will serve as the lighting and sound designer, ensuring a visually stunning and immersive experience for the audience. Additionally, our very own talented student, Darren Neal, will showcase his artistic prowess as the scenic artist, bringing the world of "Doubt, a Parable" to life with his creative vision.

Adding to the excitement of this production is the inclusion of Mallory Wintz, a renowned artist from New York, who will grace the stage as Sister James. Wintz's impressive repertoire and undeniable talent make her a perfect fit for this complex and nuanced character. Her bio, provided below, showcases her achievements, and highlights her dedication to the craft of acting.

Join us for an unforgettable evening of theatre as South Georgia State College Theatre Productions presents "Doubt, a Parable." This production promises to challenge, inspire, and leave audiences questioning their own certainties. Don't miss the opportunity to witness the incredible performances of our talented cast, led by Lynnzy Wooten and Mallory Wintz.

Mallory Wintz (Sister James) is thrilled to be a part of SGSC's production of Doubt. She earned her MFA in Acting from the University of Alabama. She has worked with companies like RWS Entertainment, Roxy Regional Theatre, Crane River Theater, and more. Her most recent credit was a production through Equity Theatre Library based in NYC. Some of her favorite credits from this past year include Fiona in Shrek, Karen in Spongebob the Musical, Gwendolyn in The Odd Couple, and Sister James in another production of Doubt! She is thrilled to be stepping back into the world of this play. 

Reservations:  Due to limited seating we are strongly encouraging everyone to make a reservation to see the show. You can make a reservation by sending an email to Ayonna Hightower at  ahightowe4@students.sgsc.edu with the following details: Full Name, Date & Time for attending the show, Number of tickets and Phone Number

Dates & Times:

Previews: Nov. 28th & 29th  at 7:00 PM

Evenings: Nov 30th – Dec 2nd at 7:30 PM

Matinee: Dec 3rd at 3:00 PM


SGSC Waycross Campus | Educational Building | Auditorium | 2001 S. Georgia Pkwy Waycross, GA 31503

Admission: $10.00 Donation, SGSC students free with their student identification.

Box Office: Will open at 6:00 PM, Nov 28th thru Dec 2nd and at 2:00 PM on Dec 3. Please arrive early to pick-up tickets.