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South Georgia State College Professors' Work Appears in Recently Published Book

Posted on Oct 13, 2023

South Georgia State College is excited to announce several SGSC professors’ work now appears in the pages of a recently published book Putting It All Together: Creating and Scaling Exceptional Learning by Dr. Jeffery W. Galle, former University System of Georgia Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Faculty Development, and Dr. Jo K. Galle.

Dr. Robert L. Potter, associate professor of biology, Dr. Rosa Guedes, professor of biology and ecology and Dr. Frank Holiwski, professor of psychology, contributed “Chapter 27: The Undergraduate Research Symposium at South Georgia State College: History, Status, and Future.” Dr. Potter, Dr. Guedes and Dr. Holiwski are one team of several authors in the book who are faculty members, administrators and staff professionals who have developed successful learning experiences for students.

The SGSC Undergraduate Research (UR) Symposium has been in place since 2011 and continues today. The Symposium was created as a special event meant to celebrate student research efforts and to help students master their disciplines, while building valuable skills to use later in classes or in their chosen professions. Students present on a variety of subjects from rabies to the global decline of the insect population to labor strikes to theories of human development and all in between. The Symposium grows each year and has become a significant event in the educational advancement of our students.

For those interested in obtaining the book, it can be found at several online vendors including Amazon. Congratulations to Dr. Potter, Dr. Guedes and Dr. Holiwski on your important contribution as voices to encourage others to expand their circle of engagement for the benefit of students.

The next SGSC Undergraduate Research Symposium will be November 14, 2023. No day classes will be held on the Douglas and Waycross campuses to allow students the opportunity to participate or view the presentations. The public is invited and welcome to attend.

SGSC’s Dr. Holiwski, Dr. Potter and Dr. Guedes recently had work published in a book about exceptional learning for students.