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SGSC-Waycross Hosts STEM Café with NASA Scientist

Posted on Oct 06, 2017

The STEM Center on South Georgia State College’s (SGSC) Waycross Campus recently hosted its first “STEM Café” featuring a scientist and physicist from the National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA). Dr. Weiping Yu’s presentation was entitled, “The STEM Education and Space Exploration” and included demonstrations of gravity’s effect on Earth and in the solar system. Fifty people attended the event, and Yu spent an extra hour after his presentation having conversations with interested students. SGSC’s STEM Coordinator Sarah E. Braswell thanked Yu for his presentation. Yu, physicist and aerospace technologist at NASA, earned his doctorate in engineering physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and completed post-doctorate work at the University of Minnesota. STEM is a nationwide movement that focuses on promoting and enhancing science, technology, engineering and mathematics education for students of all ages. SGSC operates STEM Centers on its Douglas and Waycross Campuses to promote the competency and success of SGSC students in STEM education and ultimately in STEM fields. SGSC’s STEM Café is a monthly series featuring speakers whose concentrations are in the STEM fields. Braswell said she was grateful to SGSC, Dunkin’ Donuts and Jerry J’s for sponsoring the first event.