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SGSC Ushers in New School Year

Posted on Aug 25, 2015

SGSC Students
Students relax after visiting with community businesses at the Community Cookout.

South Georgia State College had its first day of fall semester classes on August 17, welcoming new students to the Hawk Nation by hosting a week-long welcome celebration. Students enjoyed a club showcase, where they could interact with different clubs and organizations on campus, a community cookout, where different local businesses could interact with the students, a photo booth, and throw-back themed dances.

At these events, SGSC students had a blast winning prizes from some of the local businesses and getting to know the school and community. South Georgia State College greatly appreciates the support from the community who either came out to meet the students personally, or who welcomed them back with messages on the signs of their businesses.

But before SGSC opened its doors to students for the fall, it greeted returning faculty and welcomed new faculty and staff at the annual Convocation. Faculty and staff were briefed on all of the new and exciting happenings at the College, including the renovations on Davis Hall, one of SGSC’s legacy buildings, that will begin this semester. 

SGSC students
Students enjoy the meal provided at the Club Showcase.

South Georgia State College added twenty-five full-time employees since the last Convocation: Peter Awachie, Assistant Professor of Chemistry; Thom Brucie, Professor of English; Margaret Freeman, Assistant Professor of Nursing; Maribel Greene, Lecturer of English in Americus; Bobbi Hancock, Instructor of Sociology; Candace Norris-Holiwski, Lecturer of Psychology; Ruth Porter, Division Chair of Humanities; Robert Potter, Biology Lab instructor; Rosalice Silva-Ayers, Chemistry Lab Instructor; Rebecca Sims, Associate Professor of Political Science; Lauren Thornton, Assistant Professor of Nursing; Monica Coates, Custodian; Robert Davenport, Groundskeeper; Vivian McCrimon, Custodian; Tyler Mizell, Public Safety Officer; Aric Spivey, Groundskeeper; James Dennis, Athletic Fields Coordinator/Assistant Baseball Coach; Art Freeman, Wellness Center Heath Care Professional; April Mincey, Customer Service Specialist; Kimberly Rigdon, Financial Aid Advisor; Jason Shepherd, Client Support Specialist; Ramona Thomas, Financial Aid Advisor; Amanda Thompson, Residence Life & Housing Coordinator; Chuck Fell, Director of Internal Audits; and Vick Sims, Recruiter. Charles Johnson was promoted to Dean of Natural Sciences, Physical education, and Mathematics.

SGSC has also added several part-time faculty to complement its academic offerings: Teal Ewer, Instructor of Music; Jessica Leeth, Instructor of Music; Katherine LeRoy, Instructor of Theatre; and Wesley Berninger, Instructor of History. Additionally, to help serve the Valdosta State Entry Program, SGSC had also hired Helen Pitts, Instructor of Math; P. Michael Barr, Instructor of Music; and Elizabeth Omiteru, Instructor of Science.

SGSC President Dr. Virginia Carson is eagerly anticipating this school year. “I believe that this can be the finest year we’ve ever had at South Georgia State College. We’ve added a number of individuals to ensure that we maintain a high caliber of academic success on all of our campuses. The students are excited to get back in the swing of things, and they’ve been introduced to each other, the College, the community, and organizations they can be involved with during our Week of Welcome. We are all working hard to continue our success as an institution.”

New Hires
The new employees of SGSC were treated to breakfast at their official welcome to the College.