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SGSC’s Mollie Rowell receives award from Optima Chemical

Posted on May 08, 2019

Mollie Rowell, a junior biology major from South Georgia State College (SGSC), recently received a chemistry award from Optima Chemical. The purpose of the award was to recognize and encourage outstanding students in their pursuit of careers in chemistry, engineering, and related sciences. Optima Chemical was host to the 2019 Southwest Georgia Chapter of the American Chemical Society’s 12th Annual Award Banquet as a way to support and recognize chemistry students in rural Georgia. “I found they champion small town science careers,” said Rowell. “They have established an outlet to allow chemists an opportunity to work near home rather than traveling elsewhere in the country to find jobs in the chemistry field.”

Rowell from Brantley County, Ga., is actively involved at SGSC. She is a member of the Environmental Awareness Club and the current president of the Pre-Med Club, both organizations relating to her career goals. She presented two presentations at the Undergraduate Research Symposium spring semester, one on Diabetes Mellitus for epidemiology class and the other on water pH for ecology class. She will begin working as a tutor in the SGSC STEM Center in the fall. Her future plans include graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from SGSC in May of 2020 and then furthering her education to become a physician’s assistant.

“I owe tremendous thanks to Dr. Bryson Dye, assistant professor of chemistry, and Dr. Rosa Guedes, associate professor of biology/ecology. They genuinely teach, engage and offer endless help,” said Rowell.  “My entire family is also key to my education as they continuously uplift and encourage me in my education.” She continued, “This award has special meaning. It proves to me that when you are willing to commit and invest in yourself by putting the effort in, people you could never imagine will want to join and invest in you as well.”

President of Optima Chemical Gene Williams (left) and Chair of the Southwest Georgia American Chemical Society Donna L Gosnell, PhD (right) present the award to Mollie Rowell (center).