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SGSC Nursing Professor Receives Leading Stars In Education Award

Posted on Nov 24, 2015

By: Amy Hancock
External Affairs Coordinator

The South Georgia State College (SGSC) School of Nursing is pleased to announce Associate Professor of Nursing Bobby Jean Musgrove has received a 2016 Elsevier Leading Stars in Education Award.

SGSC President Dr. Virginia Carson states, “Ms. Bobby Jean Musgrove is a true example of the faculty members at South Georgia State College making a difference in students’ lives. I congratulate Ms. Musgrove on her award and am pleased to have such a high caliber professor as part of our nursing team that is continually inspiring our students.”

Musgrove was nominated by SGSC Dean of Nursing Dr. Scott Thigpen and was selected as a recipient in the Active Learning in the Classroom category. In his nomination entry, Thigpen stated, “Ms. Musgrove has totally transformed her pedagogy into an active learning environment in the Associate of Science in Nursing program and also in the development of SGSC’s new RN-BSN program.” Thigpen pointed out Musgrove’s challenges of being a first-generation college student who worked her way through nursing school at the college where she now teaches. She wants to give the students at SGSC the same life-changing opportunities she once had as an SGSC student.

Thigpen continued, “Even while completing her doctoral program at the University of Alabama, which has an emphasis on the use of technology in nursing education, Ms. Musgrove consistently finds new ways to infuse technology into student learning activities through screen casting, research poster presentations, and community health fair presentations to individuals across the lifespan. The ancient Chinese proverb embraces her philosophy of nursing education, ‘Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I’ll understand.’ Students who graduate go on to earn graduate degrees and return to thank Ms. Musgrove for the technology and life skills she has taught them.”

Musgrove comments, “I am honored to be recognized as the 2016 Elsevier Leading Stars in Education award winner in the Active Learning in the Classroom category. I owe gratitude and thanks to Dr. Scott Thigpen for the nomination. I am also grateful to SGSC for providing the technological tools in the form of new and improved classrooms, updated computers, and a nursing simulation lab that allow students the opportunity to master the nursing course and program outcomes.”

Musgrove will be presented with her award at the 2016 Elsevier Faculty Development Conference in Las Vegas, Nev. early next year.

The world’s leading health science publisher, Elsevier recognizes the work of outstanding nursing educators who show exceptional skill, innovation, and effectiveness in promoting student learning, professionalism, and self-confidence, as well as improving general student and program outcomes using creative teaching strategies.