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A ‘Redistribution of Happiness’ Found Through a 1930’s South Georgia College Postcard

Posted on May 02, 2023

By Amy Hancock, SGSC Communications

Sometimes opening a simple envelope is enough to brighten one’s day. That is the case for Dr. Greg Tanner, Interim President at South Georgia State College in Douglas, Georgia.

As Dr. Tanner was checking mail in his campus office, he came across one that was simply addressed to the President at South Georgia College, but what caught his eye was that it was sent from Stockton, California. As he opened the envelope and took out the folded letter, a postcard fell on his desk. The picture on the postcard was an early campus scene of South Georgia College with the words – “The Most Beautiful Campus in the State”, and “The Pride of South Georgia” in the “suburb of Douglas, Ga”. The postcard had been mailed with a one cent stamp in what appears to be the 1930’s. The message on the back from Jack to Miss Mable Alford in Ludowici, Ga., read, “Dear Snooty, How’s school? They are running me to death in the classroom, but I do love a good time outside. I hope I am going home Friday. Are they going to have a Halloween party Fri. nite at the school house?”

While the postcard itself was a treat to receive, the accompanying letter gave a glimpse into something even more special – a redistribution of happiness. The letter was from Mr. Lowell Joerg, a resident of Oaks Assisted Living in Stockton, California. In his letter, Mr. Joerg states, “Sometime ago, I was at an antique store and found this 1930 picture card of your beautiful college area. Lots of changes, I bet. I hope you enjoy it.” He went on to say, “At any rate, I hope it brightens your day and I said to myself – by golly, I’ll send it back where it can be appreciated. Heritage is important. Posted up, it will start a nice conversation.”

How the postcard ended up at an antique store in California, we may never know. It would be a pleasant addition to this story if we could find out who Miss Mable Alford, also known as Snooty, and Jack were and about their connection with South Georgia College. Aside from that, Mr. Joerg is certainly correct. The conversation circling around the campus because of the postcard has indeed given those who are associated with South Georgia a little piece of joy as they reminisce about times gone by.

Mr. Joerg will celebrate his 95th birthday in June of this year. He has been sending out postcards like this for almost three decades. He said in his letter, “I like to call my little hobby a ‘redistribution of happiness.’ Our world sure needs it.” Mr. Joerg, the folks at South Georgia State College couldn’t agree with you more.