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SGSC-Waycross Campus Players:


Year(s) at SGSC-WC

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Brandon Hosely 2009-10 FAMU (NCAA D1)
Marcus Benitez 2009-10 Albany State University (NCAA D2)
Travis Ellison 2009-10 University of West Georgia (NCAA D2)
Austin Collins 2009-10 University of West Georgia (NCAA D2)
Joshua Mendenhall 2009-11 University of Western Carolina (NCAA D1)
Rachard Lofton 2009-11 Albany State University (NCAA D2)
Bob Covin 2009-11 Albany State University (NCAA D2)
Tarrence Chatman 2009-11 Georgia College & State University (NCAA D2)
Joe Williams 2009-11 Charleston Southern University (NCAA D1)
Reco Lewis 2009-11 Clayton State University (NCAA D2)
Desmin Hall 2009-11 Tennessee Temple University (NAIA)
Richard Buford 2009-11 Reinhardt University (NAIA)
Andrei Hall 2009-11 Martin Methodist College (NAIA)
*Jacob Mitchell 2009-11 University of North Florida (NCAA D1)*not playing
*Blake Fussell 2009-11 Valdosta State University (NCAA D2)*not playing
**DJ Hardy 2009-12 Albany State University (NCAA D2)**
Herb Thomas 2009-11 Lynn University (NCAA D2)
Vic Johnson, Jr. 2010 Pensacola Christian College (NCCAA)
Donterrius Clinkscales 2010 Life University (NAIA)
Kelcey Walker 2010-12 Armstrong Atlantic State University (NCAA D2)
Andrew Lawrence 2010-12 North Georgia University (NCAA D2)
Adam McLeod 2010-12 Columbus State University (NCAA D2)
Darius Tookes 2010-12 Armstrong Atlantic State University (NCAA D2)
Stan Maxwell 2011-12 Life University (NAIA)
Obie Foreman 2010-13 College of Coastal Georgia (NAIA)
Keldrick Davis 2010-13 Thomas University (NAIA)
Robert Powell 2011-13 University of Texas A&M Kingsville (NCAA D2)
Lydell Manigo 2011-13 Flagler College (NCAA D2)
KeShaun Mayfield 2011-13 Lindsey Wilson College (NAIA)
Jordan Enadeghe 2011-13 Reinhardt University (NAIA)
Jalen Simmons 2012-13 Berea College (NAIA)
Chad Ross 2012-13 Utah Valley University (NCAA D1)
TJ Rines 2012-14 Thomas University (NAIA)
LaVontay Evans 2012-14 Lee University (NCAA D2)
Ty Bull 2012-14 Thomas University (NAIA)
DeAndre Holmes 2012-14 University of Missouri at Saint Louis (NCAA D2)
Kevin Evans 2011-14 Columbia International University (NCCAA)
Jamison Williams 2012-15 Thomas University (NAIA)
Demontrez Austin 2012-15 Jacksonville University (NCAA D1)
Cody Helgeland 2013-15 Jacksonville University (NCAA D1)
Daniel Peace 2013-15 Troy University (NCAA D1)
Jovante' Spivery 2013-15 Sam Houston State University (NCAA D1)
Jevaughn Sanchez 2013-15 University of Eastern New Mexico (NCAA D2)
Colin Cotter 2013-15 Valdosta State University (NCAA D2)
Richard Love, Jr. 2013-16 Georgia Southwestern University (NCAA D2)
DeAundray Rhett 2013-16 Edward Waters College (NAIA)
Tyrone Sam 2014-16 Jacksonville University (NCAA D1)
Momodou Senghore 2014-16 College of Coastal Georgia (NAIA)
Duke Robinson 2014-16 University of North Georgia (NCAA D2)
Andre Elam 2014-16 Florida Southern College (NCAA D2)
Russell Keyhea 2014-16 Northeastern State University (OK) (NCAA D2)
Karim Mawuenyega 2015-16 University of Arkansas - Monticello (NCAA D2)
**Evan Lewis 2015-16 Kennesaw State University (NCAA D1) **student-assistant
Shaq Williams 2014-17 Webber International University (NAIA)
Khalil Abdullah 2014-17 Middle Georgia State University (NAIA)
McKinley Chambless 2014-17 Middle Georgia State University (NAIA)
Zaire Cook 2015-17 College of Coastal Georgia (NAIA)
Zaquavian Smith "Qua" 2015-17 Nicholls State University (NCAA D1)
Jarred Heard 2015-17 University of Arkansas - Monticello (NCAA D2)
Jordan Young 2015-17 King University (NCAA D2)
Branielus Ross 2015-17 Albany State University (NCAA D2)
DJ Bryant 2016-17 Florida National University (USCAA)
O'Showen Williams 2016-17 Appalachain State University (NCAA D1)
Sheldon Hendrix 2015-18 Thomas University (NAIA)
Nate Louis 2016-18 Charleston Southern University (NCAA D1)
Tracy Hector, Jr. 2016-18 FAMU (NCAA D1)
Willem Vermylen 2016-18 Johnson & Wales University (NAIA)
Karlton Spaulding 2016-18 Middle Georgia State University (NAIA)
Jacob Spence 2017-18 Faulkner University (NAIA)
Luke Lawson 2017-19 Young Harris College (NCAA D2)
Skyler Baggs 2017-19 Southern University (NCAA D1)
Riley Meloncon 2017-19 Tennessee Wesleyan University (NAIA)
Charles Botchway 2017-19 University of Arkansas-Fort Smith (NCAA D2)
Dwayne Wilson 2017-19 Reinhardt University (NAIA)
Jay Shropshire 2017-19 Shorter University (NCAA D1)
Kamron Walters 2017-19 Reinhardt University (NAIA)
Keyshaun Street 2017-19 Delta State University (NCAA D2)
Ellis Wester 2017-19 Reinhardt University (NAIA)
Greg Hobbs 2016-20 Reinhardt University (NAIA)
Marquise Jackson 2017-20 Lewis University (NCAA D2)
Antonio Vendola 2017-20 St. Thomas Aquinas (NCAA D2)
Deshawn Bostick 2017-20 Middle Georgia State University (NAIA)
Tafari Thomas 2018-20 Reinhardt University (NAIA)
Will Ferguson 2018-20 Presbyterian College (NCAA D1)
Russ Baker 2018-20 Texas Lutheran University (NCAA D3)
Collins Joseph 2019-20 Bethune-Cookman University (NCAA D1)
Ashton Young 2019-20 Williams Baptist University (NAIA)
Bryce Brown 2019-21 Tarleton State University (NCAA D1) / UNC-Pembroke (NCAA D2) / Lindsey Wilson College (NAIA)
Jordan Coffee 2018-21 Coker College (NCAA D2)
Daniel Parrish 2019-21 Florida International University (NCAA D1)
Jalen King 2019-21 Northwestern State University (NCAA D1)/UT-Permian Basin (NCAA D2)
Jayce Moore 2019-22 Middle Georgia State University (NAIA)
AJ Spencer 2019-22 College of Coastal Georgia (NAIA)
Jesse Harbin 2020-22 Piedmont University (NCAA D3)
Nick Jiles 2020-22 College of Coastal Georgia (NAIA)
Turahn Thompson 2020-22 Young Harris College (NCAA D2)
Keith Lamar 2022-23 FAMU (NCAA DI)
Jacob Crockett 2022-23 Point University (NAIA)
Andrew Prestwood 2022-23 Middle Geogia State University (NAIA)
Carlos Hart 2021-23 University of New Orleans (NCAA DI)
Nebie Tesfa 2021-23 Edward Waters University (NCAA D2)
Malik Allen 2019-23 Reinhardt University (NAIA)
Zae Wiggins 2020-23 University of Arkansas-Monticello (NCAA D2)
Justin Edmondson 2020-23 Kentucky State University (NCAA D2)
*Not playing but received Academic scholarship!
**Student-assistant here and moved on as a scholarship student-assistant at the four-year level.