We, the staff of South Georgia State College, find it to be both desirable and beneficial to draw together into a unified body in order to serve a common goal, address concerns with our peers, and communicate together with a single, strong voice. To that end we declare ourselves to be the Staff Council of South Georgia State College.


The purpose of the Staff Council of South Georgia State College is as follows:

1. Provide a sounding board whereby mutual concerns may be identified and presented to the Cabinet effectively
2. Secure greater staff participation in the decision-making process of the college
3. Recognize and encourage excellence of performance among staff members
4. Pursue fair and impartial treatment of all staff, regardless of position, including equitable work conditions and standards
5. Support and enhance the overall mission of the college


Staff council meetings are open to all staff members. We encourage attendance and participation from all areas. 

Please refer to the calendar below for upcoming meeting and event information.



LaToya Curtis, Chair
Hannah Watson, Vice Chair
Tominica Pines, Secretary
Becky Wehmeier, Parliamentarian
Jayson Davis
Joanne Jones
Randy Ryles
Nancy Taft

Email us here: staffcouncil@sgsc.edu