SOAR into College with Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment program at South Georgia State College gives academically talented high school students the opportunity to earn college credit before graduating from high school. The Dual Enrollment program provides students an early start to their college careers and offers meaningful and challenging academic experiences to qualified students. The program is offered during all terms of the school year: spring, summer and fall semester.


  • Rising sophomores, juniors and seniors
  • Minimum high school academic GPA of 3.0
  • SGSC Dual Enrollment Eligible Test Scores
    Test Required for Acceptance Required for Math 1111

    Old SAT

    (prior to March 2016)

    Critical Reading- 430


    Critical Reading- 430


    New SAT

    (after March 2016)

    Reading sub-score-24

    Math sub-score-22

    Reading sub-score-24

    Math sub-score-25.5


    English- 17


    English- 17



    Reading Comprehension-63


    Elementary Algebra-67

    Reading Comprehension-63


    Elementary Algebra-79

  • On track towards the completion of the Required High School Curriculum (RHSC) requirements and high school graduation


Is your checklist complete? Contact us to receive the Dual Enrollment Packet where you'll find an Admissions Checklist and your application to apply for Dual Enrollment. Please return your application to your High School Counselor or Dual Enrollment Specialist.



Dual Enrollment students must meet with their Dual Enrollment Specialist prior to registering for courses. Dual Enrollment students must take a minimum of 4 courses between the high school and

Have you chosen your pathway? We have 20+ programs of study that can be found by clicking the blue button below. Once you've decided, you can access your  pathway map (a guide of what classes you'll need to take to complete the degree or program you choose) by clicking on the icon that represents your program of study. You can review your pathway with your Dual Enrollment Specialist.

Pathways at SGSC

Dual Enrollment Approved Courses

Douglas Campus
Jessica Floyd

Waycross Campus
Walida Swaggard


Tuition is covered by the Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC). Dual enrollment  does not cover course related fees. There are a limited number of courses which are not covered by the GSFC. This means you would be responsible for paying tuition for those courses the GSFC does not cover, such as course related fees.  Students taking a science with a lab will be responsible for a $25 lab fee. 

Dual Enrollment Approved Courses

What about books? Dual Enrollment students will be provided course books for each course that the student is enrolled in per term at no cost to the student. Student taking courses on campus will have the required textbook(s) for his/her course(s) loaned from the South Georgia State College Bookstore. Should one of the courses not be covered by the GSFC, you would be responsible for purchasing the course textbook.

Students must complete a GA Futures application for funding to be approved by their High School Counselor and Dual Enrollment Specialist. The application can be accessed here:

GA Futures Application