The Bachelor of Science in Management (BSM) degree is designed to develop business students who have the ability to enter the workforce with a strong understanding of sound management, financial, organizational, communication, and critical thinking skills. This goal is achieved through an interdisciplinary approach that centers on core management courses enhanced by relevant courses in the social sciences, humanities, and other business disciplines.

The BSM is designed to target both traditional students and working adults who are in, or aspiring to be in, middle management roles or small business owners with multifaceted roles. The curriculum has been created to pair the management coursework with either organizational behavior or marketing.

The degree, to be offered on the Douglas Campus initially, is designed as a two-year completion program for students who have already earned an Associate of Science degree in business or who have completed the necessary prerequisite courses.

Program Structure

The program is cohort-based, meaning that all students in an entering group (cohort) will follow the same schedule of classes over the course of their time in the program. In order to accommodate the schedules of non-traditional students while allowing them to progress in a timely manner through their studies, the schedule is broken into shorter A and B terms each semester so students can take a full load of classes while addressing a manageable amount of course work.

Please note that due to the cohort structure of the program, courses are not offered every term. If a course is not taken on the schedule, it could create a significant time delay for finishing the program until the course becomes available again.

Admissions Requirements

There are no standardized placement test scores required for admission to the BSM program. Students will be admitted to the program as juniors providing they hold an Associate of Science degree, have met the prerequisite course requirements and have a minimum 2.5 GPA. Students must make a formal application and submit official transcripts demonstrating that they have met all the prerequisite course requirements for full admission.

Transfer students who do not hold an Associate of Science degree in business must complete Area F requirements. Students who do not meet these requirements but desire to be admitted to the degree program will be granted provisional acceptance to give them time to complete the required courses. Up to 12 hours of prerequisite courses may be taken in lieu of elective course options so that students remain within the 60 credits required for the degree provided they have met all the requirements for the associate of science degree.

BS in Management program for Organizational Behavior and Marketing curriculum.

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