SGSC Students Hold Forums on Hot Topics

Forum series
Students from Mr. DiNicola's English 1101 class presented on topics related to hot-button current events.

South Georgia State College faculty and students of English 1101 have already held two of their three-part series of forums on hot topics this semester and invite you to take part in the third, which will be held on Monday, October 27, at 7:00 pm. Organized and moderated by SGSC Instructor of English and Learning Support Andrew J. DiNicola, the events prompt students to open themselves up to new ways of thinking about current events, and the driving forces beneath them.

The first forum was on the recent shooting in Ferguson, Missouri and titled “A Discussion of the Continuing Concerns Over Racism in America”. Students from Mr. DiNicola’s Jeff Davis High School ACCEL English 1101 class presented different topics on racism. Dr. Rhonda Kelley, Associate Professor of English and Learning Support, brought her 1101 students to weigh in on the topic as well.

Also in attendance were the students of SGSC’s African American Male Initiative. The discussions from all involved were passionate, yet civil. Although some left the forum agreeing to disagree, Mr. DiNicola said the point of the forum had been made: “The first step to dealing with any controversial topic is to talk about it honestly and openly, and that has been done here tonight.”

The second forum of the series was held a few weeks after the first, and focused on the issue of date rape on college campuses and titled “Concerns Over a Culture of Misogyny in America”. Again moderated by Mr. DiNicola with Dr. Kelley as host scholar, students from both Mr. DiNicola and Dr. Kelley’s English 1101 classes offered their opinions on rape and misogyny and then led those present in an intense discussion on the two topics. The students presenting and leading the discussions were well-spoken about their topics, and handled a delicate topic with decorum.

Mr. DiNicola invites you to the third and final forum of the semester titled “No Great Society in America: Have We Created our Own Domestic and Foreign Problems?”. The forum will be held in McGouirk Auditorium in Peterson Hall on Monday, October 27, at 7 pm, on the Douglas campus of South Georgia State College.