Payment Options:

On our Douglas Campus, payments may be made by check, cashier’s check or money order at our Cashier’s Window located in the lobby of Engram Hall; we do not accept cash payments for student tuition and fees.

On our Waycross Campus, payments may be made by check, cashier's check or money order at our Cashier's Window located in the pit area of the Administration Building; we do not accept cash payments for student tuition and fees.

Check payments by mail should be directed to the attention of the Cashier at South Georgia State College, 100 W. College Park Drive, Douglas, GA 31533. Check payments must include the student’s ID number to ensure that payments are posted to the correct student account. 

Payments can be made by MasterCard, Discover and American Express via our Touchnet online payment portal; a convenience fee will apply. *

You may also pay by electronic check using our Touchnet online payment portal; there is no convenience fee associated with this method of payment.

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*South Georgia State College has contracted with a third party to process MasterCard, Discover and American Express online credit/debit student account payments for tuition, room and board, or other student fees paid through our Touchnet online payment portal . VISA is not accepted at this time.
A convenience fee of 2.75% of the amount being paid (a $3.00 minimum applies) is applied to the credit card to pay for this service. Example: Student owes $1000: when the student/parent goes online to pay the $1000 owed, 2.75% of $1000 will be added to the amount being charged to the credit card, resulting in a total $1027.50 charge on the applicable credit card being used.
The convenience fee is non-refundable, even if the payment is refunded.