South Georgia State College

Online Ordering Service

Welcome to the South Georgia State College Bookstore!

The online store is available at to all shoppers, especially VSU and GSW Entry Program students.  Let us help you with your studies the best way we know how – delivering the right books to you quickly.  Please browse our website store anytime!  Happy browsing!

Students can buy their textbooks from the comfort of their own home thanks to South Georgia State College’s online bookstore.  This option gives students a convenient, one-stop-shop for all their textbooks and academic supplies as well as SGSC logo clothing.  With this system, the students can click on their class and see exactly what they’ll need.  By clicking on this SGSC ONLINE BOOKSTORE link or by browsing to, students can access the bookstore, allowing them to purchase both new and used books.  The menu is easy to navigate and allows students to see the entire catalog of SGSC classes, instructors, and the required textbooks.  Paying for textbooks is easy as well.  The new Nebraska WebPrism system, a network that automatically tracks all student purchases and credits, allows students to place a secure order with their debit/credit card or during a specific period each sesmester use any available financial aid as a payment method.