Registrar Forms

Academic Renewal Application

Complete and submit to request Academic Renewal.  Student must have not attended SGSC for five or more years to qualify for Academic Renewal.  Review the Academic Renewal Policy for qualifications.  Contact the Registrar's Office for more information.

Address/Phone/Name Change Form

Complete and submit to inform SGSC of any change in your address, phone number(s), or name.  Proper documentation is needed for name change.  Examples of acceptable documentation include marriage certificate, driver’s license, or new Social Security card.

Admissions Appeals Form

Complete and submit if requested to do so. Any student who is placed on Academic Suspension must complete and submit an Admissions Appeals Form before becoming eligible to return to SGSC.

Change of Pathway/Advisor Form

Complete and submit to change your academic advisor and or pathway (major).

Course Substitution Form

Complete with your academic advisor to request approval for a course substitution.

Credit by Examination Form

Complete to possibly earn course credit by examination.

Enrollment Verification Form

Complete and submit to request Enrollment Verification if you need proof of enrollment for insurance purposes, employment, housing, etc.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Complete and submit this consent  to allow us to release information to your parent(s) or others whom you designate.
This consent will remain in effect until you notify us in writing that you wish to revoke it.

Hardship Withdrawal Form

Complete and submit to request a Hardship Withdrawal. A Hardship Withdrawal is defined as a non-academic circumstance which prevents a student from successfully completing a course. This is only necessary if you withdrawal after midterm.

Notification of Graduation

Complete and submit to apply for Graduation.

Registration/Schedule Change Form

Complete with your advisor during registration.

Registration/Schedule Change Form for First-Time, Full-Time Students

First-Time, Full-Time students should complete with advisor during registration.

Transcript Request

Compete and submit to the Registrar's Office to request your transcript to be sent.

Transient Student Request Form

Complete with your advisor to request Transient permission at another institution.

Transient Student Agreement Form

Complete if you are a Transient student at SGSC waiting on financial aid from your home institution.

Withdrawal Form

Complete and submit to the Registrar's Office to withdraw fom one or more courses.