South Georgia State College

Financial Aid Programs

 General Financial Aid Information

Processing Time

Students should expect a 2 – 4 week processing time when they submit all documents before May15th (priority deadline for Fall).
Students should expect a 4 – 6 week processing time when they submit all documents after May15th. (the priority deadline for Fall)

A student may check the status of their award or the requirements still outstanding on Self-Service Banner.

Verification – SGSC has partnered with School Servicing Center (SSC) to help you complete the verification process.  If you have been selected for verification, SSC will send an e-mail to the e-mail address you listed on your FAFSA and will include instructions on what you need to submit to complete the Verification process.  You can also log in to to see what else you may need to do to complete verification. See “Verification Policy” under Policy and procedures or look at “16-17 forms” on the SGSC website for more details.

Financial Aid Advisors are as follows:  all inquiries may go to or

  • A – D & S Kimberly Rigdon, Advisor (4285)
  • E - K  Ramona Thomas, Advisor (4283)
  • L – R  Angela Speight, Advisor (4284)
  • T – Z   Latoya Curtis, FA Coordinator (4286)

A student may make an appointment by calling financial aid at 912-260-4282 or any advisor in the Financial Aid Office.  If necessary, students may make a phone appointment as well. 


  • A student does not have to be full-time to receive HOPE. HOPE is awarded according to the number of hours a student is enrolled in.
  • If a student believes they are HOPE eligible and are not awarded HOPE they should complete a HOPE Evaluation form or email us at (Or if they are coming to a ck pt and believe they will have the required  GPA.)
  • HOPE Scholarship pays approx. 85 - 90% of tuition only (no fees are pd by HOPE) this is subject to change
  • ZELL Scholarship pays 100% of tuition only (no fees are paid by ZELL)
  • Hope will pay while a student attends more than one institution but only up to 15 hours in total per semester.
  • HOPE students must complete the FAFSA. (GSFAPPs will no longer serve as the HOPE application.)
  • HOPE recipients must have a 3.0 or higher to be eligible for HOPE as a Freshman
  • ZELL recipients must have a 3.7 and at least a score of 1000 on Math and Verbal SAT
  • Hope recipients must maintain a 3.0 GPA  ** Zell recipients must maintain a 3.2 GPA
  • Check points for HOPE and ZELL are at 30 hrs, 60 hrs and 90 hours and every Spring semester. You  may lose HOPE and ZELL at the Spring checkpoint but a student may not gain HOPE or ZELL at the Spring checkpoint (unless of course they are also at the 30, 60 or 90 hr ck pt.)
  • HOPE and ZELL are limited to 127 semester hours. HOPE/ZELL does not pay for Learning Support courses.


  • Pell is limited to 12 full-time semesters. (6 years)  All students fall under this regulation.
  • Pell cannot be received by more than one institution at the same time.
  • Pell is awarded once a year for 2 full time semesters. (This may also be split to three part time semesters.)
  • Pell is awarded according to the number of hours a student is enrolled. A student may be awarded Pell as less than half-time, as a half-time student, three-quarter time or full-time student. A student is not required to be full-time to received Pell.  The funds are prorated according to the #of hrs the student is attending.


  • Direct Loans require the completion of the FAFSA and the Institutional Data Sheet (and all other documentation for verification purposes if selected) and the Direct loan request form.
  • A Master Promissory Note and Loan Entrance Counseling.  The MPN and LEC can be completed at
  • All loans are disbursed in two separate disbursements.
    • A student who receives a Fall /Spring loan will receive one disbursement in the Fall and the second in the Spring. Refunds will be disbursed to Higher One approx. 14 days after the census date. A summer loan is split in to two disbursements as well.  Summer loans will be disbursed approximately 14 days after the census date and the second disbursement the week after mid-term.
    • A Fall only loan or a Spring only loan will be split into two disbursements as described above for a Summer loan, with the second disbursement not occurring until halfway through the loan period.
    • In general a student must be in an eligible status to receive Federal loan (or grant) funds.
    • A first time borrower’s first disbursement is no sooner than 30 days after the first day of class.


Work study is awarded on a first come first serve basis.  Normally we award all the work study funds available to us in the Fall.  A student should drop by the financial aid office the second week of the semester to complete necessary paperwork and a job assignment. We have additional funds to award for students to begin Spring or Summer. 


A student who drops classes during the drop add period may be awarded an adjusted amount of Pell, HOPE or other type financial aid.  The student’s aid will adjust to the number of hours the student is enrolled in at the end of the drop/add period.


A student who withdraws from all courses during the semester may be required to repay a portion of financial aid they received. A calculation is completed and depending on the percentage of the entire semester the student attended a portion of unearned tuition will be returned to the DOE by the institution. The student may be required to return funds as well.  Individual factors determine whether or not the student will owe a refund.  More often than not the student will not be required to repay any Pell funds but there are cases in which they do.

Withdrawing from a single course or less than 100% of the student’s courses will not result in a refund and neither the institution nor the student will be required to return any financial aid funds. However not beginning a “B” term course will effect amounts awarded and possible returning of funds already received.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) - 3 factors of SAP

  • Pace – a quantitative measure – must be passing at least 2/3 of all attempted hours (66.67%)
  • Qualitative – GPA must be at least a 2.0 after attempting 46 semester hours.
    • GPA must be at least a 1.9 after attempting 31-45 semester hours.
    • GPA must be at least a 1.8 after attempting 16-30 semester hours.
    • GPA must be at least a 1.7 after attempting 10-15 semester hours.
    • No Minimum GPA after attempting 0-9 semester hours.
  • Maximum Time Frame – A student may receive FA up to 150% of the total hrs to complete a program of Study (96 for an associate degree, 108 for ASN and 182 for the BSN program)
  • If a student is not making SAP they will be placed on Financial Aid warning. The first semester the student is not making SAP we will grant the student a waiver and place them on a warning status.
  • At the end of the second semester of not making SAP they must appeal to be reinstated.  Under special circumstances the student may be reinstated but only if the student can show mitigating circumstances for not making SAP.  The student will receive a letter when placed on “Warning” that will explain this in detail.
  • An appeal must be submitted with documentation.  Appeals not submitted on the proper form with documentation will be denied.
  • Student returning from Academic Suspension must pay out of pocket until they are back in SAP or have an approved appeal.
  • There is no “time amnesty” for SAP
  • Students returning from Learning Support Suspension must pay out of pocket until they test out of LS.