Name Position/Title Phone E-mail Campus Location/Building

Harper, Jimmy



Chief Information Officer 260-4314 jimmy.harper Richey Hall

Wasdin, Angela

Director of Admissions 260-4428 angela.wasdin D - Engram Hall

Coates, Jamica


Assistant Director of Admissions 260-4210 jamica.coates D - Engram Hall

Douglas, Paxton


Admissions Advisor 260-4207 paxton.douglas D - Engram Hall

Gilliard, Kelly

ACCEL/VA Specialist 260-4209 kelly.gilliard D - Engram Hall

Scheeser, Paul


Lead Recruiter 260-4212 paul.scheeser D - Engram Hall

Williams, Lakeshia



Admissions Recruiter 260-4439 lakeshia.williams D - Engram Hall

Dodson, Kevin

Admissions Recruiter 260-4430 kevin.dodson D - Engram Hall

Moore. Peggy

Admissions Assistant 260-4211 peggy.moore D - Engram Hall



Admissions Advisor 260-4409   D - Engram Hall

Hinojosa, Ryan

Admissions Recruiter



D- Engram Hall