Name Title Phone Email Office
Johnson, Charles

Dean of the School of Sciences, Professor of Physics



121 B Stubbs Hall - Douglas
146 Administrative Building - Waycross

Abdalla, Badr Assistant Professor of Physics 260.4342 Stubbs Hall - Douglas
Baldwin, Cory Lecturer of Physical Education & Men's Basketball Coach 449-7605  Administrative Building - Waycross
Cook, A.G. Professor of Biology 449.7564 Educational Building - Waycross
Crawford, Jacob Lecturer of Physical Education & Women's Soccer Coach 260.4223 University Center - Valdosta
Dye, Bryson  Assistant Professor of Chemistry 260.4339 Stubbs Hall - Douglas
Dye, Kathryn Assistant Professor of Biology 260.4674 University Center - Valdosta
Esenabhalu, Victor  Assistant Professor of Anatomy & Physiology 260.4214 Stubbs Hall - Douglas
Griffin, Becky Associate Professor of Mathematics 449.7566 Administrative Building - Waycross
Guedes, Rosa Assistant Professor of Biology/Ecology 260.4340 Stubbs Hall - Douglas
Havens, Julie Assistant Professor of Biology 260.4348 Stubbs Hall - Douglas
Howell, Lisa Professor of Mathematics 449.7569 Administrative Building - Waycross
Hunt, Kimberly

Assistant Professor of Biology/Genetics &

Biological Sciences Coordinator

260.4344 Stubbs Hall - Douglas
Kirkland, Cindi Professor of Information Systems 260.4254 Powell Hall - Douglas
Majdi, Bernard Associate Professor of Chemistry/Biology 449.7574 Administrative Building - Waycross
Mancil, Lisa Administrative Assistant 260.4338 Stubbs Hall - Douglas
McCullers, John  Biology Lab Instructor 260.4263 Stubbs Hall - Douglas
Potter, Robert Assistant Professor of Biology 260.4357 Stubbs Hall - Douglas
Pradhan, Kishore  Instructor of Mathematics 260.7570 Stubbs Hall - Douglas
Smith, Molly Professor of Biology 449.7578 Administrative Building - Waycross
Snow, Frankie Learning Services Coordinator 260.4343 Stubbs Hall - Douglas
Sundram, Yoga Associate Professor of Biology 260.4345 Stubbs Hall - Douglas
Sutliff, Drew Chemistry Lab Instructor 260.4272 Stubbs Hall - Douglas
Thornton, Dean Assistant Professor of Anatomy & Physiology 449.7583 Administrative Building - Waycross
Timothy, Jeff Baseball Coach 260.4220 Wellness Center - Douglas
Yonz, Randy Assistant Professor of Physical Education 449.7572 Administrative - Waycross