South Georgia State College has a rich history of leading as well as promoting opportunities for students to study abroad. As a member of the University System of Georgia, SGSC makes available to its students a wide variety of international locations to study, through the USG’s America’s Council, Asia Council and the Center for International Programs at Valdosta State University.

This section provides further information for students interested in studying abroad during their program at SGSC. The information includes descriptions of the programs available as well as contact links for further information.

Study Abroad Opportunities

SGSC students are welcome and encouraged to take part in a wide variety of Study Abroad opportunities through any of three programs of the University System of Georgia. The Center for International Programs at Valdosta State University offers a nearby program organizing  study in the Czech Republic. SGSC students are encouraged to contact the Center for registration and participation information.  In addition, the Center provides links to study abroad opportunities, also open to SGSC students, in Argentina, the Bahamas, Belize, China, Costa Rica, Equador, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Niceragua, Panama, Peru, Russia, Scotland, Senegal, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, and Turkey.

The America’s Council offers study abroad opportunities that SGSC students are welcome to join, through its center at Kennesaw State University. SGSC students can click her for more information about the America’s Council programs.

The Asia Council of the University System of Georgia offers annual study abroad programs to China and/or other Asian Countries. In 2014 the Asia Council invites SGSC students to travel and study abroad in Zhengzhou, China. SGSC students can click her for more information about the Asia Council programs.

The European Council of the University System of Georgia offers study abroad opportunities for students enrolled in any of the 31 institutions of the System, including South Georgia State College. Students typically take two courses, taught by USG faculty in the European city, while enrolled in a 4-6 week program during the summer. The courses qualify as either core courses or electives required for the student’s SGSC degree program. It is a simple matter to transfer these credits back to SGSC following completion of the courses.  In summer 2014, students can select one of eight programs operated by the European Council, programs to Berlin, Morocco, Scotland, Paris, London, St. Petersburg, Madrid and Ireland.

Application deadlines for the European Council are typically in February or March for the following summer, depending on the program.  Please visit the home page of the European Council Study Abroad programs for more information.

If any students are interested in applying, please contact Dr. Rick Reiman at 912.260.4247. Dr. Reiman can provide sources of information important to students and their families considering this option for study abroad.