List of Faculty Recognition Activity

Spring Semester 2018


Congratulations to Guadalupe Madrid De Mata as we recognize her on her US citizenship!

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Dr. Margaret Adams presented her original research on functions and limits in calculus

at the American Mathematical Association's 2018 National Joint Math Meeting in San Diego

Her paper for this presentation was published in the 

Journal of Mathematics and System Science (ISSN 2159-5291, USA)

Margaret Adams, PhD

Associate Professor of Mathematics



"Patterns of Misconceptions about Functions"

presented at the South Dakota Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference

Margaret Adams, PhD

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

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"A One-Hundred Forty Character Discourse: The Twitter Apology as an Emerging Sub-Genre of Corporate Communication"

published in the Journal Technical Communication

This paper is the culmination of three years work and study on the subject.

Allen Berry, PhD

Assistant Professor of English



 "A Theoretical Model for Understanding Piecewise Functions”

presented at the Mathematical Association of America Southeastern Regional Conference; Clemson University

Margaret Adams, PhD

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

  *   *

Publication “Investigating the Function of a Transport Protein: Where is ABCB6 Located in Human Cells?”

Puglished in: CourseSource - Evidence-based teaching resources for undergraduate biology education  

Kathryn M. Dye, PhD   with J. D. Stanton, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biology



“Virtual Mentoring in Nursing Education: A Scoping Review of the Literature”

Published in Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 

Susan Clement, RN MSN CCE CLC

Associate Professor of Nursing

  *   *

An Updated ResearchPaper

Presented at the Mathematical Association of America Conference

in Omaha

Margaret Adams, PhD

Assistant Professor of Mathematics


Summer Semester 2018:

Becky Sims earned an MA in Political Science from Georgia State.

Becky Sims 

Associate Professor of Political Science 

Fall Semester 2018:

Professor A. G. Cook delivered a paper, at the 98th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Mammologists, 25-29 June 2018 on the campus of Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas.

A. G. Cook, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology


Check out Professor Dana Caldemeyer’s latest interview regarding her forthcoming book, Reconsidering Southern Labor History: Race, Class, and Power:










Marge Adams, who submitted a paper—concerning applications of  creativity in Mathematics, especially with regard to the use of Art in an undergraduate Statistics course—that was recently accepted for presentation at the upcoming American Mathematical Association Annual Meeting.  This conference will be held at Baltimore, MD in January 2019.


Dana Caldemeyer and Rick Reiman for their excellent recent podcast, entitled” “For Want of a Comma: The Constitution and Birthright Citizenship.”  (Speaking as a professional historian, I think it’s a great conversation with lots of implications for current affairs):


Dana Caldemeyer also did a recent interview regarding her soon-to-be-finished book project, that appeared here:


SGSC School of Sciences Associate Professor Rosa Guedes and Assistant  Professor Robert Potter presented a paper entitled “Environmental Science: An interdiciplinary Course for a Diverse Student Audience” at the Oxford Symposium on Population, Migration, and the Environment, Oxford University, England, August 2&3, 2018. 

(Photo: on steps of Radcliffe Observatory Historical Site)









Dr. Codrina Cozma presented a research paper (that is co-authored with Dr. Raymond Elson) at the AABRI international conference held in Orlando, FL on October 26th.  Entitled "More is not always better: GASB Statement 54 fund balance classification issues for local governments."  Dr. Cozma’s study has already been accepted for publication.


Dr. Thom Brucie informed me that his most recent publication, a novel entitled Children of Slate, was released in October.  Here is a link to his new book: