South Georgia State College


South Georgia State College is a residential state college of the University System of Georgia focused on a core of strong teaching and personalized academic advising. It has a long and distinguished tradition of serving the people of Georgia.

The principle reason that students attend SGSC is to complete a program of study. This section is designed to answer quickly all questions related to this goal. Advising appears first because nothing is more important to assisting students in their choice of program and in their completion of the program in a rapid, economical and flawless manner. The SGSC academic calendars alert students to important dates on that path, while the college catalogs provide information for which these web pages represent but an index, though a vital one.

Students pursue associate degrees in 23 programs of study which transfer to other institutions or prepare them for careers in a variety of fields. SGSC students go on to attend four-year institutions within Georgia and outside the state with an excellent foundation in the core curriculum. Students may also remain at SGSC to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (RN-BSN).

In order to complete the degree program in a timely manner, students must precisely follow their program map for their degree. These program maps may be found by following the link to their Division or School of study.  For example, Education is under the Division of Business and Social Sciences. A student pursuing a degree in Education will consult the program map for that degree under the link for the Division of Business and Social Sciences.

Outside of class, students may participate in a wide range of activities, cultural events and intercollegiate sports. The Douglas campus serves as a cultural and athletic hub for area residents and for students with a state-of-the-art wellness center and gymnasium that features a collegiate-sized swimming pool and training equipment. SGSC is well located for fun and relaxation – Georgia's Golden Isles are only 90 minutes away and Jacksonville, Florida, is a two-hour drive.

For more information, contact Admissions at 912.260.420 or email